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Cash, PayPal, e-Check, Credit Card, Personal Check, & Money Orders Accepted


(For Insurance information, [please click here] or scroll down.) If paying by cash, payment must be made at the time of the session. Personal checks and money orders must be mailed to us and clear before the date of the session or event, unless you are an established client and have prior permission to pay by cheque at the time of the session or event.

To pay quickly and easily online, click on the Contact Us/Book Now button located above, right. Or, you may simply CLICK HERE to get to the Contact Us/Book Now page. Once the page has loaded, please fill out the form and before you click the SEND button, click one of the two links on that page marked 'PAY SECURELY

Our secure server at Mountainside-Diversified.Com will open on a secure HTTPS SSL-encrypted page that will load on top of the 'Contact Us/Book Now' window at NJMassage.Info you now have open on your screen. (Please note: The secure payment server page is NOT a 'pop-up' and does NOT require pop-up blocking to be disabled!)

If you are planning to pay by PayPal, credit card, e-Check, or Debit Card, you may do so on our secure site, or we can process the order over the phone for you for added security.

PayPal - Offering the Safest and Easiest Means of Purchasing Online

We feel that processing through PayPal is the safest and easiest method available, as you need not enter any confidential credit card information at our site, or any other PayPal accepting sites throughout the world.

Although we do employ secure socket layer (SSL) encryption when checking out on your order on our site, the only foolproof means of avoiding identity theft is to NOT transmit confidential account numbers, passwords, and codes over the internet. As a result, client payment data is sent directly to our payment processor.

Verisign & Ordering Securely

As we have chosen PayPal to be our processor for all major credit cards, all electronic payments to Mountainside On-Site Massage Therapy are secured by Verisign Identity Protection (VIP). Over ninety percent of Fortune 500 companies rely on Verisign's fraud detection services.

Our online store, Mountainside Diversified.Com, uses SSL security and encryption so that your order information, such as name and mailing address, remain private. Further, no credit card information is *ever* passed through, or stored on, our site.


Insurance plans accepted: County / Municipal Health Care Plans (NY & NJ), Independent Health Flex Fit, Preferred Care, No-Fault with Authorization

We will work with you to get compensated by your insurance plan or no-fault accident coverage. We can't promise that your insurance will cover your treatment, however, we would be willing to speak with you to help you determine how to proceed with the highest chance of being reimbursed for a medically-necesssary treatment, whether for no-fault car insurance, to help with postnatal recovery, or other situations deemed appropriate.

Presently, we cannot accept insurance-as-payment, however, we will accomodate you if seeking insurance approval. You may get back all, or some, of the money you spent on massage treatment. The time your insurance company takes to process, print, and mail a cheque, will vary.


With No-Fault with Authorization, in most instances, you must pay for the session out of your own funds, and then submit a claim to the insurer, and the insurer will reimburse you.

Please contact us to find out the proper procedure; failure to comply with standard protocol could result in a loss of eligibility for reimbursement.





Please email, or call 877 480 8038 for more information or to book an appointment.

Cash, PayPal, Credit Cards, and Gift Certificates accepted. Insurance plans accepted: County / Municipal Health Care Plans (NJ), Independent Health Flex Fit, Preferred Care, No-Fault with Authorization

Note: We offer *strictly* therapeutic massage therapy. We do *NOT* offer asnsual u'massage', in any form.


Red Cross CPR Training For Massage Therapists Web Page NCTMB - National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork Web Site




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